How can creams help you orgasm


The arousal cream or gel definitely are popular products in sex shops. Focusing on the female audience, they promise sensations of warmth, cold, effervescence and even tingling – all to stimulate an orgasm or prolong pleasure. But is gel a solution to women’s sexual difficulties? Can they be called orgasm cream? Experts explain that these cosmetics – often sold with miraculous intentions – help a couple’s sex life, but do not guarantee an orgasm.

It’s a little over-fitting. There is no magic formula. Sex is much more of imagination, passion for the partner and self-knowledge. According to professionals, the use of sex cream during sex is already stimulating. On one occasion it may even make a difference.

Understand how a sex cream can make a difference

It is important to know that that the brand’s gel is made with photo therapeutic extracts and acts through a pH oscillation that provides sensations in the vagina or the skin. You use the product and in 40 seconds you start to feel the region warm, contracting or dilating. The effect is individual, varies between women and men, of course.

Everything you would like to know about an orgasm

The chemistry of the gel does not really have the capacity to trigger the orgasm, but the effects on the skin provoke a game between the couple. Having an arousal cream available makes a woman more focused on sexual stimulation and it’s good for the partner too.

The mistake is to apply the gel and think that only this will lead the woman to orgasm instantly. It’s like taking Viagra and watching the news on TV. So it will not really work like that. What makes the difference is how the person uses the product, that way using any sort of orgasm cream will not be a miracle, however it will be a good hand to help.

In addition to the products found in specialty stores, there are gels with testosterone that are prescribed by doctors. They have proven action to increase libido but are not sold commercially. You have to manipulate it carefully, so it works the way it should. The use of the male hormone is still controversial and is only done in small amounts because of the side effects caused by it.

How to choose the best orgasm cream

Most brands of arousal cream offer intimate water-based gels that do not usually cause allergies or compromise the effectiveness of the condom. But you still have to pay attention to the label recommendations and the formula. The best advice is to start experimenting in a small region before playing with the product, because the reaction can be uncomfortable or harmful to the body. There is no correct dose for the use of the gel. Those who have little natural lubrication usually use a larger volume, but exaggerated application may reduce local friction and sensitivity. The couple must find the quantity and use situations that increase sexual stimulation upon anything else.

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